Don’t Let These Common Auto Buying Myths Wreck Your Financial Goals

August 9, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott Myths continue to circulate for a reason. There’s some truth in almost every single one. But, with auto buying myths, that small nugget of truth can create a blind spot which can wreak havoc with your finances. Paying too much for a vehicle can delay your plans of buying a new home, paying off other debt, or saving for college. The way you allocate your income will [...]   Read More >
using a checking account with rewards

How To Take Advantage Of Checking Accounts With Rewards

August 2, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Financial institutions offering rewards is not new. Once upon a time, parents were rewarded for opening a bank account with a toaster or tote bag. This was a common tactic banks used to acquire new customers. Today’s generation is looking for more sophisticated financial incentives, though. To answer that call banks and credit unions have swapped toasters out for checking account rewards programs and other perks that allow you to [...]   Read More >
reset checking account

How To Reset With The Right Checking Account For You

August 2, 2019 BY AFFCU in
When you open a checking account, you're not required to keep it forever. Life happens. You grow. Your needs change. Sometimes, what once was best for you no longer is.   Whether you've recently moved, gotten a new job or you're just ready for a change, it's essential that you consider how to reset with the right checking account for you.   Reset Your Finances With A New Checking Account  Keep reading [...]   Read More >

Should You Renew Your Lease or Buy a House?

July 31, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott Your lease is due to expire soon. As you stare at the Expiration of Lease Notice, you realize that the decision isn’t as easy as it was this time last year. Should you renew the lease, continue on a month-to-month basis, or consider your other options? Like many Americans, you’re considering your housing alternatives. Renewing a lease is the path of least resistance, but is it still [...]   Read More >

Guide To Opening Your First Checking Account

July 3, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Opening your first checking account is a big financial step. With so many options available, choosing the right one for your lifestyle and financial habits is essential. How To Choose Your First Checking Account In order to make a decision on which first checking account is best for you, consider a few factors that come into play, like account requirements, perks, features, accessibility, etc. Keep reading to find out about [...]   Read More >

Take These 3 Financial Steps Before Starting Your First Summer Job

June 24, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott The words “You’re hired!” are on mental autorepeat. You still can’t believe it. Next week you start your first summer job. Over the next several months, your life will change in ways you’d never imagined. Yes, it’s true. Your first job can open the financial doors many young adults have dreamt about since the beginning of high school. A steady paycheck can give you the freedom to [...]   Read More >

5 Money Management Tips for Recent Grads

June 21, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott As a recent graduate, you’re at a crossroads, both personally and financially. Decisions made today can affect the rest of your life. Questions such as: Do I really want or need to go to college or graduate school? Is it better for me to take a gap year instead of moving across the country right now for college? I just landed my first full-time job, so why [...]   Read More >
using a checking account with rewards

6 Benefits Of A Credit Union Checking Account

June 14, 2019 BY AFFCU in
A checking account is an important financial tool, allowing you to manage your money and deal with expenses safely and conveniently. While banks are often a more familiar provider of checking account services, credit union checking accounts offer great–even superior–benefits. Here are the top 6 benefits of opening your new checking account at a credit union: 1. Lower fees If you're used to using a traditional bank for your banking [...]   Read More >
reasons to have a checking account

Reasons To Have a Checking Account In Baltimore

June 9, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Living a cash-based lifestyle has some perks, but the reasons to have a checking account in Baltimore greatly outweigh any of the benefits. Society as a whole has become more debit card friendly and focused. If you don’t have a checking account, you are missing out on some of the related conveniences such as keeping your money protected, paying bills online, and having a way to easily track your spending. [...]   Read More >
types of checking account

The Different Types Of Checking Accounts [Comparison]

June 9, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Looking to open a checking account? Before doing so, it's important to understand your options. Different types of checking accounts offer different advantages and benefits and deciding which one is best for you requires careful consideration before you apply. Overview Of Various Types Of Checking Accounts Here's a quick comparison of eight of the most common types of checking accounts. Standard Checking Accounts As the name implies, this is the [...]   Read More >

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