Improve Your Finances After a Season of Overspending

September 23, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott Once-in-a-lifetime experiences can create lasting memories with close friends and family members. This past summer was filled with laughter and nonstop good times with those you cherish. But, it also meant spending money eating out, paying for admission tickets, and buying a souvenir or two. While not every memorable experience has an associated price tag, a quick look at your bank account confirms that vacation season left [...]   Read More >
what checking account is best

What Checking Account Is Best? [Choosing The Right One For You!]

April 1, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Nowadays, people don’t really think much about which bank account will work best for them. It’s tempting (and completely natural) to open a checking account wherever is most convenient for you. However, not all checking accounts are equal. Some provide more benefits than others, and for larger banking chains, there are frequently hidden fees. When Deciding What Checking Account Is Best Beware That Not All Accounts Are Created Equal As [...]   Read More >
what kind of credit score do you need to buy a car

What Kind of Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Car?

November 20, 2018 BY AFFCU in
Many people use car loans to buy new vehicles. Obtaining a car loan requires meeting the lender’s qualifications for you. These vary from one lender to the next, but most use credit scores to help them determine your risk level. Individuals who have a low credit score will pay more to borrow money to purchase a car. Those with a good credit score secure a lower rate and pay less. [...]   Read More >
used car loan

9 Steps For Buying A Used Car

September 13, 2018 BY AFFCU in
Very few purchases are more associated with slimy salesmen and oblivious buyers than used car sales. It's almost a cliché: The used-car dealer's eyes glitter with dollar signs as he pats the clueless buyer on the back and watches him drive off the lot with a total lemon. But buying a previously owned vehicle can also be a great way to save big on one of your most valuable possessions. [...]   Read More >