Important Tips For Securing Your Personal Information

September 27, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Fraud is nothing new. However, in today’s world it is a lot more prevalent and in some ways easier to accomplish. At the feverish pace at which digital technology grows, we often associate fraud with online activity. And while that is a major source of fraud activity, there is a necessity to protect ourselves both online and offline. The following are a few tips to follow to protect your personal [...]   Read More >

How To Keep Your Devices Secure

September 27, 2019 BY AFFCU in
We live most of our day on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. As our digital connections continue to grow, so does the threat of fraud and information stealing. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure you efficiently secure your devices. Follow these tips to keep your devices secure and information safe. Use Security Software Install anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, and a firewall. Set your preference to update these [...]   Read More >

8 Simple Ways to Protect Your Identity

September 19, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott Would you know a financial or identity theft scam if you saw one? Most people think they would, but the statistics tell a different story. The list of scams perpetrated by criminals is long, and the cost to consumers is high. Over $47 million was lost by Maryland victims to internet scams in 2018 alone. Fraudsters use online and off-line tactics to gain unauthorized access to your [...]   Read More >

Free Community Shred Event

September 18, 2019 BY AFFCU in
Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union will be hosting its annual fall shred event on Saturday, October 5, 2019. This event is free for all AFFCU members, and community members, as a courtesy to assist in your identity protection through the secure destruction of confidential information. We will provide secure, on-site commercial document shredding for the speedy destruction of personal documents. Event Details Saturday, October 5, 2019 9:00 AM to 12:00 [...]   Read More >

Fall Financial Check-Up, Free Financial Help

September 13, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By: Kira Bushman Fall is the right time to review your finances and budget before the winter holidays. September 23rd is the last day of summer. Along with the changing weather, your finances also go through seasonal changes. Before we head into the most expensive shopping season of the year with the winter holidays, fall is the right time to review your finances. It gives you ample time to prepare [...]   Read More >

Financial “I Dos” for Newlyweds

August 26, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott When you announced “I do,” did you realize you also said yes to your partner’s financial habits? For better or for worse, their money smarts are now part of your current fiscal reality. The wonderful news is that regardless of you or your spouse’s history with money, the two of you can create a beautiful financial future together. Becoming one means both of you now share financial [...]   Read More >

Stress Less This School Year

August 23, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott The transition from lazy summer days with relaxed rules to early mornings and strict weekday routines have been described by some as chaotic. Mile-long drop-off lines, numerous fees for extracurricular activities, challenging homework assignments, and an ever-increasing “To Do” lists are just a few reasons parents and kids find themselves stressed each fall. The demands on time and finances can cause even the most yoga-minded individuals to [...]   Read More >

Don’t Let These Common Auto Buying Myths Wreck Your Financial Goals

August 9, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott Myths continue to circulate for a reason. There’s some truth in almost every single one. But, with auto buying myths, that small nugget of truth can create a blind spot which can wreak havoc with your finances. Paying too much for a vehicle can delay your plans of buying a new home, paying off other debt, or saving for college. The way you allocate your income will [...]   Read More >

Savings Accounts: 6 That Bring You Closer to Your Financial Goals

May 27, 2019 BY AFFCU in
By Tracy Scott Consistency is the key to results. This is true whether you’re referring to fitness or finances. To achieve your financial goals, you’ll need to commit to saving money regularly. Whether you’re looking to save for a down payment on your first home, a Mediterranean cruise, or a destination wedding, you want to obtain the best return on your savings deposits. Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union (AFFCU) offers [...]   Read More >

Summer Fun Without Breaking the Bank

By Tracy Scott The year started strong. You not only paid off your car loan, you even set aside money for a cross-country summer vacation with the family. But unexpected expenses depleted your summer savings account and put a stop to your dreams of a family road trip. Don’t despair. Summer fun is still possible with limited cash. Being low on funds doesn’t mean you have to nix your summer [...]   Read More >